It’s hard to go backwards once you legalize something.

Let’s say abortion gets legalized, much to the horrors of the super religious and the morally self-righteous individuals. And then along comes a man, a little itty bitty excuse of a man (Cardinal Ouellet), who decides that he would like to ‘open’ the debate regarding changing the abortion laws that are currently in place. Because, you know, life begins at conception and whatnot. (Clearly, people need to take biology classes. Even my biology professor in school stated that a fetus was a parasite. A very, very good parasite that eventually no longer needs it’s host, even though they technically do, after the nine months of gestation.) Zygote ≠ embryo ≠ fetus ≠ baby. If you look at photos of zygotes or embryos or first trimester fetus, they all pretty much look like fish. I’m not kidding, they look like little itty bitty fish.

This Cardinal stated that it was a “moral crime” to have an abortion, even if the pregnancy is a product of a rape. I’m sorry, but who would want to carry a fetus to full term when they were attacked like that? Who wants even more of a reminder of a dreadful and terrible event?

And yet, it’s a legal procedure. And under the current Canadian laws, it’s not a person with legal rights until it is born. And until this Cardinal is capable of personally becoming pregnant and is the owner of a set of female reproductive organs, I think he should just STFU.

Article: Cardinal Ouellet calls for new abortion debate.

(For the record, I’m pro-choice. Which, of course, means that people should have choices available to them. If you get pregnant and want to have an abortion? Fine. If you get pregnant and want to keep the child? That’s fine too. Want to give up the child for a closed or open adoption? Why not? In my opinion, the only people who should get an opinion as to what happens to a fetus is the woman carry the fetus, the man who happened to impregnate her – provided it wasn’t the result of a violent attack, and a licensed OB/GYN, if need be in the case of medical emergency.)

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  1. I enjoy that you explicitly state that you’re pro choice. As if it wasn’t clear when you said you thought that the Cardinal should STFU 😛
    Also, ever met any Pro-lifers that are bio majors?

    1. I have met some super religious (Roman Catholic) people taking biology courses before. Not sure if they were biology majors though, or just taking the class for fun (although, in my opinion, if I was super religious and believed in creationism, I would probably rather have my teeth pulled while I’m wide awake without painkillers than take the classes that always have some element of evolution in the course content…).

    1. Furthurmore, even other women don’t have the right to judge others. It’s none of their business, they’re not the pregnant one, so I really don’t see *why* it needs to be a debate. Everyone has the right to their own private medical history. And the church can stay OUT of my reproductive organs in terms of what is “immoral” and “wrong”.

  2. I am also pro choice, which so many people equate as pro abortion. For me personally abortion is not an option, unless it was needed to save my life. I don’t think this will ever be a debate that’s settled. There will always be this division.

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