So I recently (i.e. Sunday, but had to wait until Monday to use because of laundry for the cover…) got a new down-filled comforter. It’s so nice and warm, it feels so comfy when I go to bed now. Which also means it’s a pain and a half to even try to get myself out of bed now, but that’s okay – I’m super comfy and warm at night now. As opposed to my old comforter, which is probably~10 years old now. It’s not down filled, and all the stitching that kept the filling in place is all over the place now (mostly hanging around the edges) so the middle of the blanket (… which I use?) is just two thin layers of fabric now. Yeah, that totally worked out well during winter…

Work’s been going pretty alright. I got completely caught up on all the work I had available to me and then I kind of went into a static mode in terms of working. It’s hard, when your supervisor is supposed to review things for you before you populate the information for everyone else to view. I can’t just jump ahead and enter everything in (in case of the event that I make a big whoops and have to go and track all the changes I’ve made).

Oh, the other day, I thought I somehow managed to delete all the information for a specific product. I freaked. See, I entered in the product number to add a small snippet of information – but because all I’m doing is adding in one piece of information, I don’t really pay attention to anything else. I hit save, and then notice that none of the other information was filled in. All the monetary values are at 0.0000 and everything else is empty. Even the product description. Cue complete freak out. I make a bee-line to my supervisor’s office – he’s not there. I go to the next best person to ask for advice, he looks up the product and goes “You’re kind of freaking me out by how freaked out you are, but there’s no way you could have deleted everything – you would have had to hit ‘delete’ and ‘clear’ 5 different times to get rid of everything.” Felt so much better after that. Mostly because it’s nice to know I didn’t majorly screw up. I paid so much more attention to everything after that!

And… That’s been my life so far. Private or password protected post to follow soonish…

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  1. I love getting down comforters and soft pillows. I have a wonderfully soft, but not limp, pillow at my mother’s house that is the most perfect pillow I have ever slept on. I’m not entirely sure what it’s filled with. o_O

  2. I think I’ve had the same quilt for ages… it’s pretty strong and doesn’t seem to wear out, though I guess that’s different from a comforter? I’m not sure to be quite honest. 😛 I usually layer up with big woolly blankets in the winter (like now in Australia).

    At least you didn’t screw anything up! That’s a relief. 😛 Better safe than sorry I guess, haha.

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