I’m finally going into third year, yeah!

You are eligible for Winter Session 2010-2011 BSC Year 3 General Science in Life Science

If I had been ‘on time’ with everyone else who entered into university the same year as I did, I should be going into Year 4 instead. But honestly, right now it’s one of those ‘FFS, who cares!’ moments. I’m actually doing two concentrations (sort of like a major and a minor, but slightly different) – Life Science (a.k.a. Biology) and Earth & Ocean Sciences (a.k.a. Geography). Oh, yay! So when I’m done this degree, I’ll be the proud owner of a Bachelor of Science in Life Science and Earth and Ocean Sciences. It’s going to be the longest name ever on a degree, I’d think. Besides people who do like dual majors and dual minors, all in one go (and if you do that, I think you’re nuts).

I’m just waiting for my registration date to pop up now… Third years go third (fancy that) in terms of registration dates. It goes fourth years, first years, third years and second years. Which means that second years get totally ripped off (and it sucked last year when I had to stalk to get the classes that I wanted). It seems, so far, that I’m going to need to stalk to get the class that I want this year too… One of the classes that I desperately wanted is already full (boo). Here’s hoping for a decent chance at getting the classes that I want!

My educational plans currently consist of: completing my current BSc (Life Sciences + Earth & Ocean Sciences) by December 2011 (or May 2012, depending on how many classes I can get into this upcoming year!) and then doing another two years after that to graduate by May 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing – which is the ultimate goal. Which isn’t too bad, I’ll be 24 by then and it’ll be 7 years post-high school graduation with two BSc’s. Of course, this will also mean that I will have gone to school for 20 straight years. I’m trying really hard not to think about that part. I have the rest of my life to think about how I spent way too much money on two pieces of paper, after all! *removes tongue from cheek*

It sounds weird, when I think about it that way – that I will have been going to school of 20 years (with summers off, of course). But in the end, I think it will all be okay. I’m moving forward, not backwards, and I’ve learned a lot about myself since starting university. I’ve learned not to let the ‘little’ things get me down, I’ve learned that failing a midterm doesn’t mean I’m going to fail course (organic chemistry & calculus, I’m thinking of you!) and I’ve also learned that failing a course and retaking it does not mean that I’m too stupid to learn the material.

My failures are only as devastating as I make them out to be to myself. It was an incredibly expensive lesson for me to learn, but I learned it anyways.

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  1. ahh that glorious time of picking classes and such. I miss that! I went to school twenty years total myself! and I still didn’t finish my original degree…elementary education

  2. I finished school late, too because of various reasons but in the end it didn’t matter at all. Good luck registering! Sounds like a big workload but I know you can do it! 😀

    1. I just find it so weird sometimes, because I’ve got friends talking about their plans after graduation already and how they want to travel or go on to do their Masters at some school – and here I am talking about finishing my BSc and then going back and doing another one! Ugh, I always take the long way around to get to the desired spot!

  3. 20 years of school isn’t too bad, especially when you look at the fact you’ll be working the next 40 until retirement! Good luck with getting the classes you want!

  4. I’d totally go to school forever if it didn’t cost anything. *sigh* Best of luck getting those pieces of paper! I have a few of my own expensive lessons from my early college days. It all makes us stronger and smarter, right?

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