Oh world, give me your advice (on cell phones)

Written on August 6, 2010 at 11:05 pm
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My beloved LG Chocolate is cracking. And by cracking, I mean it’s already been cracked several times over on the keypad portion only. The touch sensitive spots on the front are still great and responsive, I have no issues there or with any other keys, except for the keys for 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 0 and #. I must not use 4 (ghi), 7 (pqrs) or the * (vibrate) keys very often, hehe.

Luckily, my cell phone (which is on a 3 year contract) is coming up for a contract renewal soon (my current contract ends on September 2, 2010). So I have some options!

I don’t talk on the phone much at all – my big thing is texting (last month I may have had 1500+ incoming and 1500+ outgoing) and I’d really like a phone that also comes with separate keys (for the LG Chocolate that I have, the number pad is all one piece with grooves to separate the numbers – not the best thing in the world, but it didn’t really start to die until maybe this year…)

Both phones that I’ve been looking at (that would be at $20 for a 3 year contract and $100 for buying outright) have slide-out QWERTY keyboards. The phone for Option #2 is also touch screen (oooh, ahhh), the phone for Option #1 does not have a touch screen (awww). Both have expandable memory with a miniSD card, both have a music player, camera, video camera, voice recording, alarm clock, calculator/tip calculator, global clock and a lot of other features that my current (beloved, but cracking) Chocolate has.

Phone for Option #1 has up to: 5.5 hours talk time, 12 days standby

Phone for Option #2 has up to: 12 hours talk time, 7 days standby

Option #1 – Stay With Current Provider

  • $10 – move current cell number to a new phone
  • $35 – “one time” activation fee
  • $30 – per month for a plan with unlimited text/picture/video messaging, 150 minutes, evenings & weekends, voice mail (3), unlimited talk on my birthday
  • $20 – cell phone, on a 3 year contract

Total cost (for 1 year): $425 (before taxes)
Total cost (for 3 years): $1145 (before taxes)

Caller ID is $8/month and not included above. If I include Caller ID, it would be $96/year and $288/3 years and bring the totals up to $521 and $1433 respectively.

Cons: No Caller ID without additional money. On a contract. What in the fudge is up with this fee to move my number from one phone to the next?? Activation fee?!

Pros: Would for sure be able to keep the same phone number. Picture messaging! Unlimited evenings and weekends – no need to ‘top up’ or worry too much about running out of minutes. Voice mail.

Option #2 – Jump Ship

  • $100 – cell phone, no contract
  • $20 – per month prepaid plan with unlimited Canada-wide texting, unlimited mobile browsing, unlimited calling from 3pm-6pm, INCLUDES CALLER ID, voice mail is pay-per-use (takes out of whatever prepaid credit I have in my account), I’d also get unlimited talk to people on prepaid with the same company (i.e. my sisters)
  • $40 – SIM card
  • $100 – for minutes outside of the package listed above in Option #2, at $0.25/minute – 400 minutes spread out over a year (at $100 for ‘top up’, it doesn’t expire until day 365).

Total cost (for 1 year): $480 (before taxes)
Total cost (for 3 years): $1160 (before taxes)

Cons to switching to Option #2 is that I would be unlikely to transfer my number from provider #1 to provider #2 (and I’d then have to go through and change my number on a bunch of accounts – like school, the libraries, bank, etc, etc – not to mention telling everyone about it) – however, if it is possible to move my number from provider #1 to #2, provider #2’s website states that it will do it for free. I’d also have to pay additional $$ for regular minutes (hence the $100 or additional top-up money).

Pros would be… unlimited mobile browsing? I’d get the unlimited texting that I want as well! Also, no contract. Overall, less expensive if I were to add in caller ID for Option #1. No activation fee. Free chatting with my sisters (like they don’t hear me talk enough as it is).

So… Internet, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts on my Option #1 and Option #2!

6 Responses to “Oh world, give me your advice (on cell phones)”

  1. Ashley says:

    That sucks about your phone. I dropped my favorite phone in a glass of milk, it really sucked. 🙁

    Anyway, I think option 1 sounds the best. I know you’d have to pay a little extra to get caller ID, but to me in the long run it sounds like the better deal. If it were me I’d go with option 1.

    • Michelle says:

      Overall it’d be more expensive *with* Caller ID though (additional $96/year at $521 for the first year and $1433 for three years).

      I like my number, but I’m not married to the idea of keeping it for the rest of my life, know what I mean?

  2. Kelsey says:

    Telus makes you pay an activation fee for a new phone? That’s kind of ridiculous. You’re currently a customer with them… Why should you have to pay an activation fee? As far as I’m aware, Rogers doesn’t make you pay an activation fee if you get a new phone.

    • Michelle says:

      Ahh yes, it’s an activation fee for the *new phone*, plus there’s a fee for transferring it from the old phone to the new phone (on top of the activation fee, of course).

      And Rogers doesn’t, they’re Option #2. 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    prepaid always ends up being more expensive in the end, i’d just stick with your provider and see if they have a nicer phone

    • Michelle says:

      I would stick with my current provider, but I’d have to sign another contract in order to get a discounted phone (or anything remotely near under $100). And when I was on the phone with their customer service rep, the person informed me that if I did sign another contract in order to get a discounted phone, they weren’t able to continue giving me the plan that I’m currently on (and if I wanted to stay with my current plan, I’d have to stay with the current phone…). It was all kind of a headache, and they kept on listing all these fees.

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