Cell phones and, subsequently, cell phone carriers and customer service reps and, good lord, all the ‘discount’ mobile carriers…

Could you get anymore fucking* confusing?

Option #1 from my previous post – I called them up again. I’d really like to keep my current cell phone number (less hassle, less going around telling people my new number, less trying to remember what accounts need to be updated). But first, the account (which is under my mom’s name, because when I got the cell phone originally, I didn’t have a credit card and plus my parents already said they were going to pay for it, poor students don’t argue with that kind of good deal) needs to be changed into my name as the primary account holder. Guess what? They have a fee for that. Just like they have a fee for transferring the number from one handset to another and to activate the second (new) handset.

I’m pretty damn tempted to just throw in the towel with my current carrier and go completely pay-as-you-go with Option #2. I’m not sure if I’d be able to keep my current phone number, which I would love to do. But if I can’t keep it, I’d still like to change carriers now. I’m all fee’d up (apostrophe is on purpose, of course).

Moving on from cell phones…

Work was good today. And by good, I mean that the weather was godawful and I stayed indoors the entire time and hardly ever left my desk. My legs were unforgiving for that, by the way. Oh well…

I hung out with a group of friends this past weekend, missing a few other birthday parties (it’s not my fault everyone decided to be born around the same time – I blame your parents for that). And I didn’t go to sleep until it was very late (or very early, depending on your point of view). So sluggish on Sunday… Blergh.

And… yeah, I think that’s about it for today… Very sluggish today too, despite work going well and my legs hating me.

* I swear. Someone at work the other day mentioned never hearing me swear before (I said “FFS” out loud, whoops). My defense? I always swear more during the summer and then I spend the school year trying not to swear.

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  1. Cell Phones …OYYY!! I swear if I wasn’t using mine to get internet I would go pay as you go in a heartbeat, and actually we were doing pay as you go there for a while ..I don’t know if you all have Virgin mobile but they are awesome. they have unlimited net/text/multimedia messages and like 400 minutes for 25 bucks a month. and you didn’t have to pay every month, just when you wanted. they even gave us a free month

    1. There’s Virgin Mobile up in Canada, but they don’t have a plan like that (that’s *incredibly* generous and it’d probably cost at least double that to get tat kind of plan).

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