New headphones <3 So erm… Hello! I’m still alive! School’s been a little busy – given that I did have my first midterm already (I have 6 in total for the the term, 3 are for one class!). Study group has been going well, it’s really helpful to talk to other people in the class who are also going through the same questions. It’s a lot easier to have someone explain a concept to you in person than it is on the online discussion boards. I also wonder if sometimes the people who do post on the online discussion boards are just missing a few screws – people frequently ask similar questions despite one being posted (with a nearly identical subject title) on the same page.

On a more positive note… Look! I got new headphones to replace the other ones that I had (completely pink and the wires inside had snapped or something, they won’t work unless I hold the wire at a specific angle). I headed into the Sony Style store the other day while the family was looking at new digital cameras (sadly, they no longer carry a model like mine – most of the new models are nearly all touch-screen, which is a little finicky, or they don’t have many models that have more than 3x optical zoom, mine has 5x and I frequently use it, especially when using the macro function as well). They had a nice displace of headphones and I went a little ‘ehhhh’ at the boring ones, or the super colourful ones that are ‘designed to cushion little ears’ and have ‘limited maximum volume’ to protect growing ears. Under what universe would a little girl want headphones that are neon pink, orange and green? Because I’m sure they paid for the girl who was on the packaging to smile.

Regardless, they had a little display of headphones like the photo and they were all marked down to $9.99. So obviously I bought a pair. The sales person was helpful, but he did not need to try to push the headphones onto me, seeing as I had it on my hand anyways and was going to pull out my wallet regardless. I left with a pair of new headphones after two weeks of trying to find decent headphones that don’t have those annoying various sizing of silicone and didn’t cost more than $50.

And wow, I just went on for a while regarding headphones. Life is really that mundane and boring.

I hope everyone had a nice week! I have my first field lap for ecology this week, along with another entomology lab, yay! I hope everyone has a lovely week

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  1. I bought the same ones a few months ago… also because my other ones had a loose connection and because they were on sale, haha. Mine are blue, which caused a bit of a crisis when I went to pick out my new iPod last week and wanted the orange one. I settled on purple instead. *shrugs*

  2. I love zoom on a camera..I miss my nikon coolpix one it had a really nice zoom!
    I was going to by some new headphones, but i like the ones that came with the ipod

    i just wanted to stop by and say hey why i had a few. i’m moving back to my old apt 🙂 and finally had a break!

  3. Wow, how do you have 3 midterms in a class? Is it all just one HUGE midterm all put together? I hope the rest of them go well for you.

    Those headphones are so cute!

  4. Ahh headphones amuse me when they stop working and I have to hold the wire in a certain position. X_X My iPhone ones are dying and I think it’s utterly ridiculous that they have to be priced so high – close to $40.

    I saw a cute pair in the markets for just $5.00. The earphone part had a design like a pellet of gum. I wanted to get them but I wasn’t sure if $5.00 was going to get me good earphones…

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