Things I’ve done this week

Written on October 14, 2010 at 8:17 pm
Filed under: Randomosity
  • Fought with Excel. And won.
  • Went collecting more blackberry leaves.
  • Finished my ecology lab report early.
  • Watched Grey’s anatomy and The Tudors.
  • Studying for ecology (midterm next week!) and all  my other classes.
  • Baked a dozen cupcakes.
  • Played with dolls.
  • Did laundry!
  • Read a comic book.

What have you done this week?

2 Responses to “Things I’ve done this week”

  1. Caity says:

    Good luck on your ecology midterm!
    Mmm, cupcakes!

  2. Shola says:

    Excel needs sorting out sometimes. 🙂
    I used to be very into Greys and then stopped after season 1. It got too “big” for me…

    I’m ashamed to say all i’ve done is worked this week. D:

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