In the last year of my life, I have:

  1. Gotten back into baking (complete with a gazillion types of sprinkles and cupcake liners).
  2. Increased the number of Blythe dolls that I own by 5.
  3. Cried (more than twenty times).
  4. Done shots after an exam. Generally right outside of the exam. Vodka is lovely, by the way.
  5. Discovered that I like wine.
  6. Realized that I buy lingerie in the form of retail therapy. Perhaps not smart or frugal, but at least I have nice underthings to wear.
  7. Started a Blythe blog –
  8. Gained two pets – stick insects. Stick insects are love.
  9. Thought I knew what I wanted in life. Realized how wrong I was.
  10. Failed an introductory biochemistry course. Hello, deciding not to pursue a secondary concentration chemistry (or biochemistry, or microbiology, or immunology). Decided on Life Sciences (a.k.a. biology) and Earth & Ocean Sciences.
  11. Gotten a new cell phone – seriously, this thing is fantastic.
  12. Worked for a few months, juggled several projects at once; what else is new?
  13. Started writing poetry again, unfortunately it took something a little more profound (the loss of someone) than I’m used to spark that writing muse.
  14. Decided that I actually like dogs and wouldn’t mind having a dog one day. Along with a cat, sheep, bunnies, ferrets, hamsters, various species of stick and leaf insects… Clearly, I have decided I want to live in a zoo. Or a weird hobby farm.
  15. Dropped a class for the first time ever.
  16. Took out the sewing machine for the first time in a long-ish while to sew doll dresses. Yeah, doll dresses. I’m awesome.
  17. Threw things at the television during the season 6 finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Not even kidding, I wish I was.
  18. Wrote letters that I didn’t send or give to people.
  19. Clearly did not do much, as I’m having difficulty coming up with 20 items for year 20 of my life.
  20. Realized how I want my life to roughly look like in the next 5-10 years.

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  1. This is a pretty neat thing to do.

    Haha at no. 14, I would too love to own all sorts of animals =) and also no. 9, I didn’t really have an idea but thought that my second major was something I’d like but actually found that something else is to my liking.. and all at the (near) end of my degree. Lovely. >_<

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