My grown up Christmas wish list

Written on November 21, 2010 at 11:00 am
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Also known as, the list of things I’m well aware that I will not be receiving this year for Christmas! So this is all done in a very tongue-in-cheek kind of way, I got the idea from Jenn at Things aren’t mentioned in any particular order, ones that show up closer to the top aren’t necessarily the things I want the most. 😉

  • Tuition paid for term 2 (nope, that’s definitely coming out of my savings).
  • Textbook money (I know I’ll need one for biostatistics, probably not for Oceanography, not sure yet about phytogeography and I already have the required textbook for Advanced Ecology).
  • Red-headed Kenner Blythe doll (although I may just die of happiness if I found this under my tree – but wait, a doll on a grown up Christmas wish list? Yeeep!).
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer – in silver or red.
  • A car – something that works, no major dents (hah, like the car I normally borrow and drive), fairly good with the gas economy, has working heat (!!!) and air conditioning would be mostly ideal. Oh! And a radio that works (and the display can actually show me what station it’s on) would be fantastic!
  • Silicone mini cupcake trays (actually, this is potentially likely, as I’ll just go and buy some for myself – I like the idea of bite-sized cupcakes) and other baking related goods.
  • Yarn – so I can make myself something (for a change). I’ll take merino, cashmere or qiviut; and in a large enough quantity to make a hat or scarf or cowl.
  • Gaming console(s?) – I’ve been debating about which one to get for ages. My sisters really want to get a Wii, but neither of them have actually gotten around to it. But then there’s some games that I’m interested in that are only on the PlayStation 3… Oh, decisions, decisions… (Also, there’s a Nintendo DSi XL all in red, for the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros, that I’ve been keying… oh dear.)
  • For polar bears to not be endangered, for the darn arctic ice to freeze over properly again for the polar bears to be able to make it out to feed so they won’t die of starvation and drowning.
  • A certain someone all tied up in a bow with a smile on (for Christmas and all other days). ♥

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  1. nichole says:

    We have a Wii.I am more of a nintendo type of gal..I guess because they have more kid/girly kind of games than the others! I had a DS last year and I wish i’d have kept it. it was candy apple green! It was cute!

    I want one of those kitchenaidemixers! I would prob not use it but omg it would look so cute in my kitchen.I think walmart has them for like 149 on black friday..which is an EXCELLENT buy!

    hmm. maybe I should make one of these lists ha ha.

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