Also known as, the list of things I’m well aware that I will not be receiving this year for Christmas! So this is all done in a very tongue-in-cheek kind of way, I got the idea from Jenn at Things aren’t mentioned in any particular order, ones that show up closer to the top aren’t necessarily the things I want the most. 😉

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  1. We have a Wii.I am more of a nintendo type of gal..I guess because they have more kid/girly kind of games than the others! I had a DS last year and I wish i’d have kept it. it was candy apple green! It was cute!

    I want one of those kitchenaidemixers! I would prob not use it but omg it would look so cute in my kitchen.I think walmart has them for like 149 on black friday..which is an EXCELLENT buy!

    hmm. maybe I should make one of these lists ha ha.

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