Hello everyone! I’m baaaaaaaack!

I finished my last final (Animal Mechanics) on Wednesday. I may have then subsequently fallen into a pattern of catching up on the week plus worth of television episodes that I missed (mostly General Hospital, there was some Castle, Glee and Ellen Degeneres mixed in there as well). And chocolate-consumption may have occurred. And oh, my last final began at noon. A friend and I did a shot each right outside of the exam room as it was the last final of the term for both of us.

We may have gotten silly looks for that.

But anyways, it’s time for my winter holidays! Which means I finally started on my Christmas knitting on Thursday (yes, I know, it’s a bit late). I have a couple things that I’m making, the rest of the gifts will be store-purchase because I seem to have this habit of never getting started on shopping or crafting early enough to not drive myself bonkers. You would think that I would have learned better by now (apparently, I have not).

Things that I want to do this holiday season include…

While I was on a blogging hiatus, due to studying for finals and whatnot, I got “tagged” on Facebook to do a silly little meme, which is supposed to be about coming up with “25 things that no one else knows about you”. Which I’ve been tagged in before multiple times. And then I go and untag myself. And I don’t really see the point in it, seeing as once I come up with 25 things that “no one” else knows about me, I’ll get tagged a few months or a year from now and need to come up with another 25 things. But just for giggles, here I go:

  1. When I get upset, I either go for a run or bake. But when I bake, it’s not necessarily because I’m upset. And if I run, it’s either for the bus/train or because I’m upset.
  2. I used to take skating lessons and I was actually pretty decent at going forwards, backwards and stopping. After a few years of not skating and also realizing that people are stupid for trusting a little piece of metal to balance on, I’m really bad at it. And I like walls when I skate now. A lot.
  3. I prefer crocheting over knitting (most days, sometimes I’m just a nutter who likes the needles over the hooks). I learned how to knit before I learned how to crochet. I like being able to do both and like surrounding myself with yummy, squishy yarn.
  4. I like sprinkles. I don’t like eating sprinkles by themselves.
  5. I caught a bee or wasp in my hand when I was an infant and I’m mostly petrified of being stung by one now because I know the chances of me having a serious reaction are much higher due to my previous encounter. Luckily I’ve never caught a bee or wasp in my bare hand again (with a net, however, I have).
  6. I have 9 (nine!) email addresses. That I actively check. And yes, I use them all.
  7. I have 7 domains. I would have a food/baking blog if I could actually ever take photos before eating everything.
  8. I may be addicted to Twitter. Wait, that’s not a secret…
  9. Of all the textbooks I’ve ever had to buy for school, my Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology textbook set is my favourite. It has beautiful photos and illustrations.
  10. I liked Twilight before everyone was obsessed about sparkly vampires and buff werewolves. Now I don’t like it so much. Fangirls ruined the series. That and people who mock fans for being absolute nutbars.
  11. I scream or yell or my throat just stops working when I see a spider. I have little-to-no-problems with insects though. Although I did freak out a little on the inside at a live cockroach.
  12. I like playing games on my Nintendo DS. It’s black-and-crimson. There’s no i or XL in the name. Technically it’s the “DS Lite”. I also wish I had a Wii. The red one.
  13. I love going to see musicals.
  14. I have two books autographed by my favourite paranormal romance author, Sherrilyn Kenyon.
  15. Unrealistically, I’d want to rule the world. “Her Supreme and Divine Ruler” sounds good to me!
  16. I’m of the belief that the reason that we don’t have jet packs and hover space cars in 2010 is because the governments keep on pouring money into wars and political disputes. Jet packs would be so much more awesome.
  17. I think the polar bear is the best animal in the world. And yes, I would rank them above humans. Stick insects would come in second place. Jellyfish or sea otters would be tied for third.
  18. I hope to be done with school in the majority of it’s entirety before I’m 25 years old. And I hope to have two Bachelors by then.
  19. I resent the fact that my parents discouraged me and would not allow me to pursue my educational dreams when I was in grade school. Primarily for actively discouraging me from entering into a French immersion program or the International Baccalaureate program.
  20. In the Chinese culture, you refer to your parents’ friends as uncles and aunties and refer to your real uncles and aunts by different titles (usually to do with numbers that relate to their ‘rank’ in the sibling order, eldest to youngest). My least favourite of all my parents’ friends is this woman (an “auntie”) who liked to touch my ear lobes when I was younger. She also gave me lemon cough drops as a Christmas gift one year.
  21. I hate it when people discuss my weight. Primarily about how fat I am because I happen to eat more or because I’m not underweight like someone in my family who is.
  22. I like shopping for my boyfriend because he’s just easy for me to shop for. I also like making cutesy-yet-appropriate things because I know that he likes them.
  23. I like to believe that most people are inherently good. It doesn’t always work out well with that ideal though.
  24. I enjoy lingerie and other pretty, frilly, lacy or silky clothes that I don’t wear out in public.
  25. My current holiday wish is a selfish one. None of this curing world hunger or clothing everyone. I just want to spend more time with Clay.

What are 25 things about you?

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  1. HOOOORAAY. 😀 Fingers crossed you did well.

    Cleaning my room was on my list, and that’s half done. I totally vacuumed my room today. The desk and shelves are still a mess though. 😛

    “-Blog” – I found this amusing, for some reason.

    I used to skate, for a year. I took lessons twice a week. It was… pretty intense, to say the least. I had this boy in my class, younger than me (it was a bit of an open age class), who would continually show off that he could go faster than everyone else. I don’t think I was that good. I think I preferred rollerblading. The ice hurt. XD

    You beat me in the email department; I only have four; I regularly check them. As for domains, I’m sitting at 16. I’m going to be tossing a few away and merging some projects soon. :B

    Wow, we have all too much in common… I liked Twilight before everyone talked about it. I read the book in 2006 shortly after it came out, because I read about it in a ‘new books’ section of a magazine.

    I don’t usually have a problem buying for James. He doesn’t mind anything I give him, or whether I give him something or not. Most of the time I make something more sentimental rather than buying something. Last year for Christmas I made a little box with many notes in it, all dated, so that he could read one each day. XD Quite corny…

    I’d share 25 things about me, but that would make this comment excruciatingly long and probably boring. I did add a new page to my site listing all the belongings that I assigned names to though: http://heartdrops.org/about-me/the-cavalry/ Which probably covers a few things about me. 😛

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