I am me (even if you can’t seem to comprehend that fact).

I was going to write something about how I’d been off saving the world from fire-breathing dragons. Or very hungry, hungry hippos. Or something that would explain my lack of posting since the 12th (yeah, 13 days ago, go me). But really, I don’t have much of an excuse… At all. But I really don’t […]

Be kind to me

In wake of two earthquakes that occurred this past week (in China and Japan), I was feeling a little hopeless in my ability to just do something. Also, thoughts of what could still possibly happen with the nuclear reactors and what that could mean for everyone in the world (the radioactive fallout has the full […]

Short and sweet

Sometimes I get these fits of moment where all I can think is how completely and utterly blessed I am for some of the people in my life. I love you.