I was going to write something about how I’d been off saving the world from fire-breathing dragons. Or very hungry, hungry hippos. Or something that would explain my lack of posting since the 12th (yeah, 13 days ago, go me). But really, I don’t have much of an excuse… At all. But I really don’t have much of an excuse for it.

I did write my last midterm though of the term (midterm 7 of 7 – last one was my third Oceanography midterm, yay!) on the Wednesday that just passed. I’m hoping I did relatively well on it (it’s best 2 of 3 midterms counted towards my final grade). I also got my second Ecology midterm back – I improved from my first Ecology midterm! Which wasn’t that difficult, because I kinda grasped most of the concepts after (heh) the first one.

This morning was kind of  rough, I pretty much got torn to figurative shreds by my parents over my grades (they don’t know my GPA or any of my individual course grades) and how I’m not doing as well or better than one of my sisters did in university. It was just so difficult not to get upset about it. I know that I’m not my sister and I will never be her. A fact that my parents are clearly unable to understand as they don’t consider me not being my sister to be a valid reason not to be able to do better than she did in university (she had an A+ average for her entire time in university, I do not have an A+ average or anything close to it). We’re not the same person, something that my sister and I are both very much aware of.

Needless to say, I got upset over it. Mostly because you’d think by now my parents would realize that their daughters are their own person, not identical carbon copies, not something so easily compared to (for starters, she did a completely different degree program from what I’m doing and she has always done better in school than I have, it’s just a fact). I texted Clay about it and he ended up texting me an absurdly sweet text that made me tear up (not reposting, mostly because I’d have to then include the super long text that I had sent prior to that, and then I’d need to include more explanation – all you need to know is that he sent an incredibly sweet text that totally just made my day).

So… I think that nicely wraps up what has happened to me over the last two weeks or so. Hopefully it won’t be another two weeks before my next post (I hope!).

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