March has come and gone… April’s progressing a little faster than I would like! I have 4 finals to contend with once classes are over. Still looking for a job… I’ve determined that it’s incredibly common for companies to put up job listings and leave them up after they’ve a) already hired someone, b) put it up after they’ve hired someone or c) they totally schedule an interview with me and let me know that they’re only going through with the interview because it was scheduled (the job position was already taken). So uhh, if you know of anyone who’s looking to hire someone who’s three-quarters of the way through a Bachelors of Science degree, please let me know!

If you do happen to know anyone who’s interested in hiring someone with most of a completed BSc done… I have experience in dissections, vivisections, live animal care (vertebrates, invertebrates – including insects!). I have excellent computer skills, experience in reception work (along with data entry, processing custom papers, shipping documents). I figured as long as I have a blog, I may as well make the most of it!).

Life’s been interesting , I suppose. I wasn’t able t go to volunteering for two weeks and when I got back, I found out that one of my “regular” people that I visit there had died from the flu (they had a flu outbreak). Someone from my mom’s work place/where I worked during the summer had died last week. And last week I got a phone call from volunteering that one of my very regular people that I visit there had died. So much death lately, too many tears. The whole mess of everything that has been happening lately to people that I know just makes everything hurt too much.

Life. Live. Love.

How has the last little while been treating you?

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  1. Good luck on the job hunting. I know it’s incredibly frustrating, and a full time job just look for a job!

    I’m grateful that I have no complaints in life. It’s been going well and I hope to continue in the direction I’m going.

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