I went to the advanced polls today – actual election day is May 2nd, but I had time today so I went do the place that was listed on the back of my election. All I did was walk up to the table and handed my elector’s card and photo id to the person in charge of the table and this charming exchange occurred (H for him, M for Michelle/me):

H: You’re a YOUNG person. What are you doing here?
M: … Exercising my democratic right to vote…?
H: *checks my birth date on my driver’s license* But you’re YOUNG!
M: … Can I get a ballot or not?

He finally hands me the ballot and then asks if I’ve ever voted before. I resist the urge to glare at him or curse, just politely say that yes I have voted before, get my ballot, mark it and then fold it up and shove it into the box.

4 Responses

  1. Why the heck should it matter if you’re young! You’re not too young to vote, so it shouldn’t even concern him. Some people just have no tact.

  2. oh wow. I have been voting since i was 18, and i’m sure I only looked 12 at that point (prob didn’t weigh 90 lbs and i’m 5 ft tall lol) but surprisingly never had anyone be like that!

    maybe he was shocked/impressed that you were a young person that actually care enough to vote…

  3. Were they OLD? 😛 Somehow it’s rude to point that out to people but yet not so rude (apparently) to point out how YOUNG someone is…

    1. lol, it doesn’t matter how old/young I am, he should have just handed me the ballot and given me the instructions on what to do. 😛 That’s his job, not to question my intentions, heh. Annoying man (he looked 50s)

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