My cousin’s child. He was a nice kid (sort of) growing up. I’m 6 years older than him, but the things that he does astounds me.

There was murder recently that occurred on the grounds of the school that he attends (the murder was not of a student, it just happened there) and the only thing he can say about it is “Sweet no skool tmr” (on Facebook). It’s just astounding the kind of sympathy that kid is just not capable of feeling. A young adult died due to an act of violence and all my 2nd cousin can think about is how there’s no school for him and how his Easter long weekend just turned into 5 days from 4.

I mean, my sister tells me to not be so surprised, considering who said it, but at the same time… It’s one thing to be careless at times and do stupid things that put only yourself at risk (of which he has done many times, stupid kid) but it’s entirely another to be happy about someone else’s death because it just means that you have no school the next day. There’s someone that died and all he can care about is himself. It was someone’s child, someone’s friend.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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  1. Wow… That’s just atrocious. I don’t care who says it, the fact that someone actually THOUGHT that is just… so wrong. Sometimes I worry about our society. People have become so self-involved and oblivious to anything outside the realm of their own lives. Ugh.

  2. I’m infuriated… I hear about these stories all the time, and it seems to be the tweens and preteens who can’t show any sympathy or remorse for anything. I knew someone in Christchurch whose cousin posted on her Facebook wall “forget about the quacke in cc japans was bigger”. It makes me feel more ashamed to be related to their parents… you kind of wonder if they teach them anything.

    James’s little cousin, a believer in God, has divorced parents. His dad’s two ex-girlfriends both passed away from medical conditions and this kid said to the family at a gathering, “I hope they’re in hell”. Religion issues aside, you just don’t say those things… some little kiddies need to learn respect. :X

    RE: I’m actually not that interested in phone games anymore. XD Someone suggested Bakery Story, where you run a little bakery and cook food… the novelty wore off in ten minutes, I swear. I haven’t even tried Angry Birds yet! 😛 But I’ve got some notes/organisation apps, WordPress, some Twitter apps and my personal favourite, TripView… because I just need those bus/train timetables. 8D

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