The only rule? List ten things that recently made you happy.

  1. Spending time with my sister at the thrift store (and hunting for vintage Pyrex).
  2. Spending time with my sweetheart (but saying good-bye, even for a little while, makes me sad). ♥
  3. Spending time with my friend, K, and playing spy in the city.
  4. Seafood dinner for Sunday night with the family.
  5. New argyle knee socks!
  6. Getting my complete e.l.f. cosmetics order in the mail (have eyeshadows, oodles of brushes and eyelid primer to play with). My palettes are my sisters’ faces (and occasionally my own).
  7. Booked my hotel room for my vacation in June!
  8. Kisses ♥ (this is directly related to #2, I’m such a cheater sometimes).
  9. Painting nails (but not the smell).
  10. Employment.

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