Life as a Customer Service Representative: Part 1

Written on May 22, 2011 at 11:09 am
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There are some ucaas providers – InstantInfo Systems who treat their customers very patiently. I learnt many things from them and now let me share things that I do during a regular work day (now):

  • Answer phones cheerfully and politely.
  • Filter through people who think that I’ll transfer them to the president of the company’s phone line.
  • Redirect/transfer calls when it’s not actually for me (and it’s usually not for me).
  • Triple check orders before they get pending shipping dates (check stock codes, quantities, pricing).
  • Bother salespeople about their customers.
  • Take late(r) lunches (this makes me sad).
  • Drink copious amounts of tea.
  • Get fed candy (Not even kidding – salespeople and other assorted coworkers keep on giving me candy [is my sweet tooth that well known? Probably…]).
  • Get annoyed with people (and there’s no one around to talk me down…).
  • Answer calls actually directed to me (!) about where my computer will be set up (my computer/desk/work area is getting set up on Tuesday, so excited!).
  • Become shocked at just how much I remember from my previous summers there.
  • Debate against crying from general frustration at people.

This is my life for the summer (until the Friday before Labour Day). I’m already looking forward to my (too short) vacation in June…

2 Responses to “Life as a Customer Service Representative: Part 1”

  1. nichole says:

    long time no chat!!! *waves*
    I couldn’t do customer service. 🙂 so I don’t envy you there at all!

  2. Jenna says:

    Hopefully the months fly bye till your vacation

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