Because I cried about it, I feel the need to blog about it. (Isn’t that what always happens?!)

I asked my mom if she would cut my hair. I just wanted a simple straight cut and she’s done it for me many times in the past so I didn’t think it’d be too bad. I told her how much I wanted off (5″) and just sat down and let her wet my hair, comb it, cut it.

My hair has been super long for the last few years, maybe? Up until about 2 hours ago from the time of writing, my hair was just down to my hips. Yes, it was that long. It also took forever to air-dry and had a lot of split ends. Well, I no longer have split ends now (yay) and on the upside it doesn’t take hours to dry anymore.

She had made the initial cut, had the left and the right sides even and then started to make them match in the back. So the back was matched up, but then the front no longer looked even. So she continued to trim. And trim. And trim some more. By the time she was done and I saw (and felt) how short my hair was, I started to tear up. It hasn’t been this short in years. I’d gotten trims before, but never this short.

So about seven inches were cut off from my long, long hair. My hair isn’t short by any means, it’s just really short for me. It just hits under my bustline right now. Which is short for me. I can still pull it all up into my ponytail though, which is good. It just feels weird having my hair this short.

And I cried about it. I haven’t seen me with such short hair since probably grade 10 or 11.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I have to admit that when I read your blog title, my mind went straight into the gutter!

    I cannot believe your hair was so long. WOW. The longest my hair has ever been is maybe halfway down my back? Currently it’s about two inches below my shoulders — I recently had about four inches hacked off. Last fall I had like three inches hacked off. Eek.

    Anyway, I hear you on the trauma of going from long to short. While your hair is definitely still long (!), it’s nevertheless much shorter than what it was — so the tears are definitely justified. 🙂

  2. WOW!! Your hair must have been crazy long! I haven’t had my hair that long since I was a kid! I guess I am the complete opposite from you. I have always been used to short hair. I get bored really easily and it’s normal for me to get a haircut about 4 times on average a year.

    Don’t worry though! It will grow again super long in no time! At least your head must a little lighter now right?

  3. awww *hugs*I had REALLY long hair until i was in about 3rd grade and my mom got in a mood and cut it! (she’s a pro..but still lol) i have the naturally curly hair ..and the shorter..the sucked.

    now it’s probably down to my mid back or so.but I have been wanting to do something to it different but cant’ bring myself to it! i know it’s just hair and it will grow back but..still…

  4. Aww don’t worry. It’ll grow back you know 😉 I’ve had all lenghts of hair in my life so I don’t get “shocked” that much if the hairdresser decides to cut a bit more than what I asked for.

  5. Michelley! I want to see you with short hair! I mean, I don’t even think I’ve seen you with shoulder length hair… Haha.

    It’s a good thing hair grows back~

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