(A side note: the textbook that I griped about finally arrived on September 26th , according to the stamp from the US post office where it was sent from, it was put into the mail in Ohio on September 7th. Such a long time for it to take! But it arrived before my midterm and I could use it to study with, yay!)

So last Friday I had my first midterm exam of the term. It’s almost all studying all the time from here on in! Heh, I have a lab “quiz” tomorrow that I’ve been really studying for because I don’t know the depth of the questions that they’ll be asking. Parasitology is fascinating but oh-em-gee, a lot of things just look like normal cells when you’re looking at preserved fecal or blood smears on old slides (and by “old”, I mean the slides were created during WWI and WWII…).

On the other hand, volunteering has been going really well. I’m getting things together for my nursing school applications (going to be ordering transcripts this week, as well as signing up to get recertified for first aid and CPR). I’ve asked my main volunteering supervisor for reference letter(s) (technically one and just tweaked for various schools) and then I’ve just sent off an email for two people at work (main summer supervisor and another for another supervisor who really likes my work). I’ve expanded on the amount of schools that I’m applying to this time around, hopefully that helps.

One of my bugs lost a leg during a recent moult (boo) and she has a few more to go before being an adult so I’m hoping she’ll regenerate it soon. No decent photos of her yet, I don’t like handling insects that have recently gone through a moult, but I’ve decided to name her Dolly. I’ll take a photo of her later, watching her walk makes me sad but it’s always good to know that she’s likely to regenerate the lost leg in subsequent moults.

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