My universe will never be the same

Written on June 9, 2012 at 2:06 pm
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The preparation for nursing school adventures continue! Since my last entry in late May, I have:

  • Gotten an adult polio booster – no iron lung for me!
  • Gotten an negative on a Tb1 skin test, yay!
  • Passed and received a certificate stating that I know how to put on a respiratory mask safely (I paid for the pleasure of having someone spray bitter tasting chemicals in front of my face, awesome).
  • Ordered 7 textbooks (so far). I’ve recieved one so far (pathophysiology).
  • Signed up for a Health Care Provider CPR course (renewal) – I’ll be doing that later this month

So besides waiting for textbooks to arrive and taking a CPR course, I also need to pay tuition. Then I’ll be pretty much ready for school to start in August. I’ll have 18 chapters of prereading for one course and a few chapters to read for another course, but besides that, I’m ready. I’m also going to be flat out broke once I pay tuition, but at least I will have officially secured my spot and I’ll be ready. Erm, aside from still needing to get a stethoscope and scrubs, I’ll be ready.

I’ll be ready, but my bank account is also going to be at the lowest it’s ever been since I was 16. And that’s saying something. Luckily, I start work on Monday (June 11th), so I won’t be broke for very long (at most it’ll be 3 weeks to wait for the first paycheque to be deposited), but still.

Oh! In other news, since May 20th (the date of my last entry), I graduated from university! I have a Bachelor of Science! Which is super awesome! I also went on a road trip to Vancouver Island and here’s a selection of photos from my trip:

May 29 2012 - Horseshoe Bay

May 29 2012 - Horseshoe Bay

May 29 2012 - Little Qualicum Falls

May 29 2012 - Little Qualicum Falls

May 29 2012 - Goats on the Roof

May 30 2012 - Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

May 30 2012 - Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

May 30 2012 - Butterfly World

May 31 2012 - BC Forest Discovery Centre

May 31 2012 - Hatley Castle

June 1 2012 - Inner Harbour

June 1 2012 - Victoria Bug Zoo

June 1 2012 - BC Parliament Building

June 2 2012 - Royal BC Museum

Bonus internet points for whoever knows what song my blog entry title comes from.

  1. Tuberculosis

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  1. Jenna Brown says:

    Man I wish I could sell my neighbours unattended children to the circus

  2. Kim says:

    Congrats to a fellow bio major on graduating university! 🙂 How awesome that you went traveling afterwards. My financial situation sucks too much to actually go anywhere haha.

    Wow that’s a lot of pre-reading to do! Good luck with everything!

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