On Friday (no scheduled classes or labs for me!), I went to school to take part in a study group (for pathophysiology)…

Library time!

I did some studying on both Saturday & Sunday to get almost all of my readings for the week done (completed the final five pages today)…

Sunday Study Day :)

I also cleaned up my desk and organized some of the drawers! you can also go to my site to know how to clean home appliances like AC.This is what it looked like before:

Beginning the cleaning process...

And this is what it looked like after…

My desk , post organizing/cleaning.

I do still have a few videos to watch before classes on Thursday, but I think I’ll leave that or another night. I also need to start thinking of my presentation that I need to do. It’s not for another 2+ weeks (September 20th), but I want to be prepared. I’m doing a presentation in one of my classes on rehabilitation from stroke. Everyone in my class gets a topic and there are 2-3 presentations per week and we each have to do 3 presentations before the end of term. I’m actually looking forward to getting started on the research; I know a little bit about stroke and the general process of rehab, but I never really done any serious research on it so I’m looking forward to it and learning about it.

This upcoming Wednesday, I’ll be going to the hospital for my second clinical day. I’m still both very excited and very nervous about clinicals, which I think is probably a very health mindset to have at this point in my nursing career. My clinical instructor refers to us (“us” being the 8 people in her clinical group this term) as “baby ducks” and she’s the “mama duck” because we all follow her around like ducklings. “Baby steps!” she says.

Baby steps, one day at a time for this student nurse. Here goes Week 3!

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  1. I’m so out of it that I was looking for the “like” button, lol. “baby ducks.” sooo cute!

    I need to make room and buy a bigger desk so I can display more than one dolly on my desk.

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