The only rule? List ten things that recently made you happy.

  1. Spending time with Clay. He works a lot, now spends a lot of time on schoolwork and I always cherish the time that we spend together.
  2. My evaluation for Assessment (6 week crash course in nursing school). I got 90% on the theory exam and got Satisfactory in the practical portion (only options were Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory).
  3. Getting my first assignment back in the program (19/20!).
  4. Getting enough sleep ♥
  5. Twitter!
  6. Having a working computer again (had a little run-in with a BSOD, had to reformat my laptop).
  7. Chocolate ice cream.
  8. A cozy red scarf.
  9. Keeping on top of everything, sort of.
  10. Cookies.

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