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  1. Guh. That gave me a bit on anxiety just reading it. Luckily, nothing this shitty ever came of it, but I had to deal with J’s ex-wife at my/our place of employment on his birthday, and sending “thinking about you :)” texts on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. (He told me about and showed me the text, her standing in front of me visiting with him wasn’t hard to notice.) She seemed to pop up every time one of us posted something on FB about what we were doing together. As far as I know, they don’t speak at all anymore.

    Claiming to sleep next to him every night is just plain creepy. Obviously she’s hung up on him, but… damn. Delusional? I’d almost feel sorry for her… except I kind of don’t.

    Glad you’re back. I understand not trusting her, but don’t let her get in the way of your life, or your life with Clay.

    1. Ugh, J’s ex sounds like a piece of work! I guess that’s why exes are exes for a reason… If they were perfectly sane, they might not be an ex.

      I felt sorry for her at one point, and then all I felt was *rage* over the whole situation. In a “How DARE you?” kind of manner. But yeah, claiming to sleep next to him ever night? Total hyperventilation at that point. Especially since he called me back at around midnight. It’s like “Really? You sleep next to him *every night* and you can’t stop him from calling me at midnight?” Blatant lies just piss me off.

  2. oh boy, the attack of the bunny boiler 🙁

    I know it probably won’t make you feel better hearing my experiences, but I’ll share it anyway – the amount of crazy in this world is overwhelming. It blows my mind that we’ve even HAD similar experiences. I dated this guy in high school for a few years and we broke up when I went to university but stayed ok friends. He had this crazy female friend (who kind of dated him before, obviously not enough for her) who made my time with him a misery. She kept telling him not to date me because I had small boobs. (I CANT EVEN) Anyway, that was annoying but I sort of dealt with it (ensuing body image issues nonewithstanding, gah) until we broke up. Then, she went mental. We stayed friends, which was pretty difficult for her tiny stupid brain to comprehend, apparently. He was having a rough time – mostly because of her pressuring him into dating her, which he didn’t want – and so he called me a lot to talk about stuff. She found out about this, and went CRAZY. She stole his phone, sent me abusive texts and phonecalls, hacked into his email and facebook, sent me abusive messages there. It all went catastrophic when she hacked into his livejournal, and saw a lot of my posts – *really* personal things I’d been dealing with – which she then started sending me abusive messages about. I was really upset about it. Like, a lot. I’ve never used livejournal or such a service again, after that. :/ My ex never got her to apologise, and it took over a week for him to get his accounts back off her. She kept up the low key abuse for a while after. Now, thanks to her, we’re not really friends anymore because she makes his life a misery if he talks to me. I still worry about running into her in Newcastle because she would legitimately probably beat me up. I’m terrified of her! Not least because she knows things about me that only a very select group of people were ever meant to know. That sucks.

    It sucks a bit to have hobbies and interests that are such an easy target, but at the end of the day we are interesting awesome people so fuck ’em.

    That sounds really awful, I’m sorry you had to go through it and I hope you feel better about it <3 I hope she doesn't bother you guys again, she sounds like a truly pathetic person :/ I'm so sorry she saw those photos, I can't imagine how angry and upset I would have been – there are things that really are only meant for one person, and urgh what a TERRIBLE person to use them against you.

    Big big hugs xxx

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand the mentality of people like that all. It’s like “Who are you to judge me?!” I’m sorry you had a similar experience. 🙁 Crazy people aren’t a joy to have in life at all.

      I’m really glad that Clay went and dealt with it. It did help with my level of anxiety a LOT. But the fact that she’s decided to try to insert herself into my/our lives is troubling, to put it mildly. I’m hoping she GOES AWAY after this, but it may be the start to something bad too.

      Damn it, positive thoughts, Michelle!

      1. I think Clay ‘laying down the law’ (now that’s a manly phrase :P) should show her that it’s Not Ok and hopefully she’ll back off. It sounds like she’s misjudged your relationship if she thought she could get away with that O__O

        Also, the sleeping next to him thing – that’s so weird and creepy I can’t even begin to understand O_O

  3. What a cow bag. How dare she! I’m so sorry she’s put you through this. Have been wondering where you went! Xxx

  4. omg, pycho ex. not to upset you furthur… but how does he know she didn’t save those pics in multiple locations and lie about it?

    1. That did cross my mind – a lot. And it’s still a bit of a weight. She gave him access to her email/computer, so he did go through it to make sure it’s deleted (checked the sent folders, etc.). I mean, we can’t be 100% sure that it has been completely deleted. Which is what worries me the most.

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