Last week I finished off my last final for the term. Being done the second term means that I finished my first ‘year’ of nursing school. Officially, year two doesn’t start until August. Until then, I have summer classes to contend with. Let’s discuss how much I’m not looking forward the sheer amount of reading that one of my classes has (5-10 extra readings besides the textbook, the pdf files start at 25 pages and go up from there…). So while I’m working away on my summer readings (and there’s quite a bit of it), I’ll also be taking in some tv time, as well as hanging out with friends and even some traveling.

This week's bff. I need to read the entire thing for one class. #nursingschool #summercourses #hell

For one of my classes, I have to read this entire book this week. And it’s the one that has a ton of readings weekly. Pretty sure even if I were to devote every waking moment reading for that class, I wouldn’t get it done.

Also from Amazon... :)

I’m still waiting on my final grades to be released. I know roughly what my GPA is going to be, but still waiting for the ‘official’ numbers is annoying me. I’m also still waiting on a final exam mark for one class. Fingers crossed for doing well!

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