The moment that Taylor Swift sounds (the ones where she isn’t happy about life) begin to define a relationship, you know there’s trouble abound. But more on that later, because nobody likes being a downer – even on a personal blog.

I’ll be finishing up some posts that I have written about my trip, with lots of photos(!) and then a summer school update (grades, when they finally come in), as well as an intro for the upcoming term that I’m very excited about – mental health, maternity & pediatrics! Until then, I leave you with a picture of a panda – because panda.


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  1. Awh. I’m sorry! I hope you get it worked out between y’all! Good luck with all of that!
    If you need any advice feel free to hit me up. You can go to to visit ways to contact me or just email the email I have listed here that only you can see. 🙂
    I like your layout, btw. Simple! Love <3


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