Nursing school life is hectic! I just finished week 7 of 16 of the term. I have a final next week, I have a term paper due and 2 presentations this month, along with another midterm and the constant studying and all of that. It comes not recommended to try and start new relationships while in nursing school, especially not with my program because we do not get time off except for 2 weeks between terms. That’s it. We have to always be ‘on’ and on top of things and live, breathe, sleep nursing school. I know so many people who’ve broken up with long-term boyfriends, or gotten divorced, in this program and in the group of lovely people that I started this three year journey with in 2012.

^ Reasons why dating is difficult, yet I do it anyways.

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  1. It sounds very complicated. My cousin’s wife attends a nursing school, and they hardly have time for each other. They find ways, but still. Once you start a program like that, yeah, it does become your life. A two week break between terms isn’t too bad, but at the same time it goes by too fast. I hope things go well for you, and that in time it can slow down enough for you to start dating. I wish you the best. Congratulations on your 7th week. I hope you do well. 🙂

  2. I admire you so much for sticking with all this! Bless your heart. I certainly couldn’t do it (well, I did bail on college in that much is obvious).

    Im proud of you 🙂

  3. Hey, Michelle! Long time no talk! I’ve been on hiatus but I’m glad to be back!!!

    I hope you did okay finishing week 7 plus all of the following weeks until you get this!

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