It is the start of yet another term for me. This is the beginning of my last year of nursing school, which is exciting and scary all at the same time.

I’m taking four online courses this term, plus my clinical/practicum. At first it was all “Awwww yeah, no need to be at school!” but I find myself craving the routine. I haven’t gotten myself into a very good routine yet, and it’s already week 3. But then again, I don’t start my clinical (officially) until week 4 of the term. School is weird.

I already have a “least favourite” course and a “I might like this” course. I do try to give my classes a fair shake though, in terms of putting in the effort to learn and to understand the material. I’m just not the biggest fan of online courses that assign work like they’re the only course in existence. I am looking forward to my fourth online course though, which starts next week. That course is more practical and involved (even though it is online), while the rest of my courses are very theory-based.

I’m all for theory, just in smaller, practical doses.

Maybe it’s just because that nursing is more practical and the application of theory that learning theory straight-up is boring to me. If I cannot picture real-world necessity for it, it just doesn’t seem like a good use of my time. Aside from getting good grades.

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