Depending on how you count it, I am either celebrating my 1st anniversary (again) or my 6th anniversary with my boyfriend today (or sometime in the next few weeks). This is because a little over a year ago, we broke up. Then we got back together after talking for what felt like a really long time.

The last year has been amazingly difficult and not difficult, all at the same time. Love is a confusing emotion at times, and the distance that I had put between us made me see things better, with more clarity. The talking helped, because it allowed me to just vent, say what I was thinking, express all the emotions. And now here we are. Awkwardly six years in. Very awkwardly at times, but we made it.

Happy first anniversary, again.

And happy sixth anniversary, for the first time.


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  1. I think that it is whatever anniversary that you feel it should be. I hope that it is good one, regardless of what you decide. I also agree that sometimes distance is the best thing for a relationship – because you’re able to look at it and see things you couldn’t see because you were too close. But anyhow, happy anniversary!

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