I’d like to be a better blogger, keep a better personal blog when it comes to things that happen to me and in my life. Since my last entry (Remembrance Day), I started working (finished orientation, did some buddy shifts) and I’ve been doing shifts without a direct mentor since early December. I worked pretty steadily in December, and now in January I’m waiting for the phone to ring for shifts. Life’s been pretty good though, one of my goals for 2016 is to find a work-life balance. Trying to make the most of my days off from work by spending time doing things I enjoy (hobbies – knitting/crocheting/baking/dolls) and spending time with family and friends.

First big purchases post-being-hired will be a new cell phone (I’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S6) and a car (no clue which one yet, but will likely be used). That and to get a line (part time or full time) somewhere for some better financial stability over being a casual employee.

Fingers crossed!

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