It has been a really long time since I last blogged. Life and other things got in the way, but hopefully I’ll make this a regular habit again (maybe, sort of).

A recap of 2016:

Goals for 2017:

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  1. Did you keep your relationship with Clay a secret from your parents? I did the same with Jax and I barely told my dad about him several months before I graduated from PT school – and at that point Jax and I were already engaged after dating 9+ years. XD

    Congrats on the permanent job! 😀 Looks like we both entered the medical field. I just started my first permanent job just this year. YNAB is pretty nifty and I’m hoping I get to benefit from using it. I’m barely getting the hang of logging my expenses.

  2. It sounds like we both have some of the same financial goals. I truly need to save money and pay off my credit card debt that I’ve attributed.

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