How updating a program made me hate my printer

The last week, I’d been tweeting about how much of a pain my printer was being. It just flat out refused to print anything for a it. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled my printer’s programs and associated drivers. Awesome, my printer will print anything that is not in PDF format. This was a problem for […]

Year of the Rabbit and other exciting news

I’m a few hours early for my time zone, but happy new year to everyone who celebrates it. It’s the Year of the Rabbit and a lot of stores have been capitalizing on that with ads that are all red and gold with white fluffy bunny images on them. So there’s just been a huge […]

My stick babies are still alive!

Apparently internet research is a win! I’ve managed to keep my two stick insects alive so far! I learned that since they were clearly new hatchlings (since they were attached to their egg casings still), they can take a little while to actually start to eat. They were fairly active and now they’ve slowed down […]