I’m a few hours early for my time zone, but happy new year to everyone who celebrates it. It’s the Year of the Rabbit and a lot of stores have been capitalizing on that with ads that are all red and gold with white fluffy bunny images on them. So there’s just been a huge lead up to it. I don’t actually do much for the New Year with my family when it falls on a weekday. When it falls on the weekend, I sometimes go see parades or out for tea with extended family. We don’t really do that when it falls on a weekday because everyone’s busy. But apparently being busy and such doesn’t exempt me from taking part in a intensive house cleaning. Dust bunnies were inhaled and destroyed, I feel that this bodes well for the new year.

School’s going fairly well. I have my second midterm of the term tomorrow (for ecology). So far the course seems alright, a lot of it has been review so I’ve mainly focused on what little new material that there has been. I’m hoping that the midterm will be fairly straight forward. The professors had fairly ambiguous wording on the practice midterm and a lot of the questions were fairly open ended.

In addition to schoolwork, this week I’ve helped a few online friends set up a website, 4alissia.com. It’s a website that’s dedicated to raising funds for the cancer treatment needed for a 3 year old girl living in the USA. Right now the plan is to hold an auction on eBay via the site, a bunch of us in the Blythe/doll community are making things or coming up with things to donate for auctioning off. I’m working on a few knitted and crocheted Blythe items to donate for the auction. But if you’re interested in learning more, please check out 4alissia.com.

My other web projects are going well right now. I’ve been moderating myself for the amount of time I spend on all my other projects and blogs – school work does have to come first, especially since the month-plus of hellish midterms on a weekly basis has begun. In other words, I limited myself to checking email addresses that get a lot of incoming email only once a day. It’s horrible, I know. But I still mostly get a 24 hour turn around time which I think is pretty darn good. Most of my email is related to school (study groups, profs – I tend to answer those ASAP) and the doll community (because I run BlytheLife.com). And I’m practically always on Twitter anyways… I have a lot of stuff planned for all my sites, including updates for the ones that haven’t gotten one in a while. So pretty happy with the pace that I’m keeping for all of my websites right now, for the most part.

And now… I’m off to sleep. Happy New Year!

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