A look at Eden Fantasys

If you’re not above the age of 18 [19 or 21, depending where you live], you should probably completely avoid reading this blog entry and just move onto something else that isn’t this blog entry. If you are 18 or older and feel like reading about an online sex shop, then please continue to read! […]

Do your research: website hosting companies

My sister D’s been curious about what I spend all my time on the internet for. So I explained the whole blogging thing and forums and showed her a few of my sites. She was curious in it and asked me how much it cost (she balked at the idea of having to pay for […]

If you don’t know, just ask someone

My sister just came home and she sits down on the floor of my room (I have no chairs – please don’t ask why I don’t keep any chairs in my room) while I’m on my bed and I’m just reading the news online and she starts going off about work. And how because they […]