Attempting to help with Valentine’s plans

So while I was utilizing my very awesome morning off from my biology lab (still love my TA for that!), I decided not to hang around at home because I can’t get much studying done there when my dad’s around since he’s always there and hovering and wanting to know what I’m doing and randomly […]

Batteries, traveling and medical tests, oh my!

So I spent like… nearly the entire three hours in my biology lab this morning. It was kind of killer because it involved me being on an exercise bike, I kid you not! The bicycle had zero resistance and then it turned out that the bicycle uses batteries (and there were none, of course) so […]

Comfy couches

I have these conversations with my sister a lot about how when one when of us moves out, the other is going to follow suit. Kind of like a packaged deal, one daughter leaves and the other one flaps her wings as well and flees the nest. The only thing stopping me is the cost […]