2010: Upped the number of Blythe dolls to 7 (4 in 2010 – 2 in January, 1 in February, 1 in November). Finally completed the 6 credits of 100-level math I need. Did not get into the nursing schools that I applied for. Overall, I got a 2.5 GPA for both combined terms – failed biochemistry. Continued to volunteer and persevere. Got back ‘into’ crafting more, knitting especially. Baked a lot more (cupcakes & cookies) – realized I was using baking as a method of stress relief. Turned 21. I had a 3.0 GPA for first term of the 2010-2011 school year (A’s in Ecology & Entomology). Realized how much I loved insects. Launched BlytheLife.com (July 1st). Put forth more effort into everything I love in life.

2009: Celebrated Valentines Day with my sweetheart. Completed my second first year of university with a 3.0 GPA (B average!) for terms 1 and 2. Did a lot of data entry from May to August. Got my first 2 Blythe dolls (in June and July). Registered for my first second year courses (a lot of biology) and started applying for nursing schools (all in BC). Had the first anniversary with the boyfriend (09/07/09). Turned 20! Passed organic chemistry! Received my 3rd Blythe doll for my late birthday/early Christmas present (from parents).

2008: Failed miserably by the end of my first year of university. Redeemed myself (in terms of my grade point average for a term) at university by doing well in a summer course (A-). Changed my mind about my back-up plans in school. Started dating Clay. Started my second first year of university and managed to pull off a 2.5 GPA in the first term. Turned 19 and threw myself a birthday party that resulted in me hanging out in the bathroom (it’s what happens when teenagers turn legal, I guess?). Got back into baking and made over 20 dozen cookies in December.

2007: Was accepted to all three universities that I applied to, early admission. Graduated high school. Grandmother passed away the day of my convocation ceremony. Briefly dated one of my close friends (Ryan). Spent quite a bit of time during the summer working and socializing. Attended my first year of post-secondary school. Got my first laptop and my first cell phone within days of one another. Took my first road test and got my N (novice driver license). Went out with a perfectly random stranger from school (Alex) once – ended up becoming pretty good friends with him.

2006: My high school writing club was founded – I became the web master and later club president for its first full year of existence. Got my first job; realized that the working world wasn’t so stellar or glamorous. Started driving in the summer of 2006.

2005: Was introduced to NaNoWriMo by my sister – wrote my very first novel manuscript. Briefly considered ditching the university idea and becoming a full-time novelist before I got practical and realistic. Got my L (learner’s) which enabled me to start driving.

2004: Got my first two domains (the first was a trade, the second was a gift). First semester grade 10 was also the first time I got a ‘very bad’ grade – the parents were not impressed. Had crushes on pretty much all the guys of my grade 10 physical education class.

2003: Started high school. Met a lot of my very good friends that I still have today. Met K and became best friends. Learned how to roll candles and make cute things in a textiles class.

2002: Started grade 8 and it was my best year of middle school ever. I got along well with my teachers, was still in the choir and rejoined the advanced band because of a boy.

2001: Had social interaction issues with girls for the first time. Just could not believe how catty people could be. Joined the advanced band. Still very much in like with the friend. Had my first “boyfriend” (Matthue).

2000: ‘Graduated’ from elementary school. Went to Europe for the summer (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, England, Monaco). Started middle school. Joined the choir and beginner band (I play the clarinet). Fell hard for a friend that I made.

1999: Heard someone say a swear word for the first time (I believe the word was ‘crap’).

1998: Grade four was the first time I got letter grades, it was also when I got a C+ in Language Arts.

1997: Played ‘grounders’ on the playground set reserved for the ‘older grades’ (the playground faced the street).

1996: Spent a lot of time on the swings and learning basic mathematics and sciences.

1995: Actually had to start going to school ‘full time’.

1994: Started kindergarten. Got my very first time-out ever (it was for a minute). Enjoyed nap time and playing on the playground. Had my very first crush on someone who ended up being my very good friend throughout elementary school (he ended up at the same university as me).

1993: Drew a lot on anything (except for the walls!). My favourite things to use were crayons, felt markers and watercolours.

1992: I was fluent up until around 1992 in 3 different dialects of Chinese and English. And I promptly lost it all except for Cantonese and English.

1991: Around the time when I received my first (and only) bee sting. I caught it in my hand and ended up crying for hours (or so the story goes).

1990: Went on my very first plane ride ever to visit grandmother and assorted distant relatives (most of which I have never seen again since). Received Collie (my favourite teddy bear).

1989: Born to a household of two parents, two older sisters. Also around the same time that we got a rabbit. And also around the same time that the rabbit was ‘lost’ (i.e. parents gave it away).

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