One Year After Graduating

I graduated (officially, with the fancy piece of paper) from nursing school on June 19th, 2015 – and a lot has changed since then. The media talked about a nursing shortage before I applied for nursing school, and they talked about a nursing shortage while I was in nursing school, as well as talking about […]

Night Owl Lifestyle

Life has been… routine? Monotonous? March is looking up, in terms of work. There was a lot of waiting by the phone for shifts in January and February – but I already have over half of March filled with shifts, which is pretty exciting. Every day is different, and it is weird having a Thursday […]


I’d like to be a better blogger, keep a better personal blog when it comes to things that happen to me and in my life. Since my last entry (Remembrance Day), I started working (finished orientation, did some buddy shifts) and I’ve been doing shifts without a direct mentor since early December. I worked pretty […]