A Hundred Million Suns is Snow Patrol’s fifth studio album (if you don’t count their EPs). After their 2006 album Eyes Open, I’ve been attempting to wait patiently for what they were going to come up with next. Maybe Chasing Cars spoiled me for what I was anticipating, but I wasn’t too impressed for my first listen through A Hundred Million Suns. I mean, it’s not a bad album, but it’s not something that I would necessarily recommend to someone to purchase. It’s good for a listen once in a while, but it’s nothing exciting. The single released, Take Back the City wasn’t particularly good in my opinion. To make a generalization, all of the songs just seemed too slow to me and after a while they all blended in together. While Snow Patrol is still a good band, there could have been more variation in the sounds – perhaps something that’s not so quiet…? The only track that I liked from the album was track number 8, The Planets Bend Between Us.

I give A Hundred Million Suns 1/5.


  1. If There’s a Rocket Tie Me to It
  2. Crack the Shutters
  3. Take Back the City
  4. Lifeboats
  5. The Golden Floor
  6. Please Just Take These Photos from My Hands
  7. Set Down Your Glass
  8. The Planets Bend Between Us
  9. Engines
  10. Disaster Button
  11. The Lightning Strike
    • What If This Storm Ends?
    • Sunlight Through the Flags
    • Daybreak

Written November 29 2008.

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