From the author of the Shopaholic series comes Remember Me?, which happens to be another beautifully written novel by Sophie Kinsella.

Remember Me? follows Lexi Smart and first details a portion of her life where things were happy. She had her friends, her family, a boyfriend. And then (and I’m not spoiling anything since this is mentioned in the blurb on the inside cover), Lexi wakes up in a hospital. It’s three years into the future, she’s married, she’s been in an accident and doesn’t remember a thing since three years ago. She’s risen up the corporate ladder and cannot figure out why she doesn’t have her friends anymore. As a plot feature, amnesia can be pretty overdone, but Kinsella spins it around in a new way. Lexi soon realizes there’s reasons for why she turned out the way that she did. She wakes up and finds out that she has perfect teeth, a designer bag, a perfect husband that she has no clue how she managed to snag. She’s lives in a great place, has a wonderful car and life should be, in a way, perfect for her. Until, of course, Jon comes into her life. He’s a wonderful, down-to-earth guy. Very friendly, very likable. He also comes out and tells Lexi that she was going to leave that perfect life with the seemingly perfect husband for him. She doesn’t have it, of course, because how was she supposed to know if he’s being truthful or not?

Remember Me? is remarkable as a brand new kind of love story that puts logical twists into Lexi’s life and makes her question the ‘perfect’ life that just gets dropped into her lap. I give it 3.5/5.

Written August 22, 2008.

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