The Seeker (2007) was an okay movie. It’s about a boy named Will who turns fourteen and that magically unlocks his powers as ‘The Seeker’. You have The Light and you have The Dark and, of course, they’re rivals. Will’s job as The Seeker is to find six items that will restore the power to the Light and destroy the Dark. These items are referred to as ‘signs’ and Will is alerted to them by these trippy swirls that appear. They are found in: brass, wood, water, fire, stone and the last one is found inside of a living soul. Needlessly to say, during the course the of movie, I could identify what most of the signs were except for one. Stone was easy to understand, same with wood, fire, water and soul. However, the brass one didn’t make much sense – but maybe I was just a little hyped up on Sprite while I was watching the movie. Overall, it was pretty decent as B-movies go. The ending was a little too… formal sounding. “I am Will Stanton and I am the Seeker”. There’s a great scene where Will’s defeating the bad guy, in order to create a happy ending, and there are predicable special effects and lines going on. The acting is decent. The best character is Gwen (Will’s younger sister). Who is likable, adorable and rescues a kitten. Will himself wasn’t that likable, as far as movie characters go. There were just some times when I wanted to smack him for being an idiot.

As movies go, The Seeker gets a 2/5.

Written August 24, 2008.

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