I turned 26 yesterday and had a wonderful day! It’s my first birthday since I started school of any sort that I’m not in school, the first birthday in a long time where I’m not juggling studying for midterms and prepping for clinical. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, […]

I’m still alive (and I have news!)

I haven’t blogged in forever. What have I been up to since July?? I played tour guide for visiting relatives who were in Canada for all of one week that was book ended by trans-Pacific flights, I was one of the organizers for a doll convention in August (BlytheCon Vancouver), I applied for so many […]

2015: The Plan(s)

2015 is going to be a big(gish) year for me. There’s so much to do in the first half, that it’s a bit overwhelming: January: Having a “no spend” month (besides: tuition, groceries, gas, regular bills). (What was I thinking?) January-March: Preceptorship 1, temporarily move, complete 300 clinical hours. Don’t mess up. March-May: Preceptorship 2, […]