I haven’t blogged in forever. What have I been up to since July??

I played tour guide for visiting relatives who were in Canada for all of one week that was book ended by trans-Pacific flights, I was one of the organizers for a doll convention in August (BlytheCon Vancouver), I applied for so many jobs[1. I actually did a tally and I applied to 97 job postings!], I had an interview at the end of August (which I did very poorly on), I had a temporary office job for most of the month of September where my official title was “Sales Assistant”, I had another job interview on a late September Friday and was offered the job on the following Monday, I’ve been going through a lot of preparation for this job (it’s a casual RN position), I start orientation tomorrow and the earliest I will be getting any shifts will be November.

I am really excited about the job.

Oh, and I also started a new website/blog that’s all about tea because it’s my favourite thing! Please check it out if you like tea as well – onemoresteep.com

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