Studying and pausing to reflect

Do I get some kind of award for being a horribly inactive blogger? Although I’m sure there are other people much worse at updating than I am… I hope so, anyways! It’s April! Which means that it is spring time and that also means finals season. I handed in my term project (website + paper) […]

Wait, March?

I really did think that I would post more during February, but apparently I didn’t. Hello, March! We’re getting closer to spring (yay!). Since my last post I have gotten my grad portraits done. It ended up being about 18 shots of me looking incredibly awkward (in my opinion) in a cap and gown holding […]

Saturday’s almost over… =)

What’s a girl to do when she’s the only one in the house who doesn’t leave the house? (Because everyone seems to think that ‘psychology final on Monday’ is synonymous with ‘making sure Michelle realizes that she is under involuntary house arrest’. So I didn’t go to the crafts store today, despite a somewhat decent […]