What’s a girl to do when she’s the only one in the house who doesn’t leave the house? (Because everyone seems to think that ‘psychology final on Monday’ is synonymous with ‘making sure Michelle realizes that she is under involuntary house arrest’. So I didn’t go to the crafts store today, despite a somewhat decent sale on beads, jewellery findings and yarn (argh). I didn’t go to the grocery store and get to pick up more coloured sugar for baking purposes (I have a full container of red but no more of green…). I didn’t change out of my pjs today (I swear, the only good thing about not leaving the house). But oh, I was still the “only one” who was available to cook dinner though (because one sister was out, the other was ‘busily crocheting’ – or rather, attempting to crochet, and my mom was watching television).

Anyways… Today I did more essay prepping (yay!) and then emailed back and forth with my friend who’s taking that class to see what we’re hopeless on. Unfortunately, my psychology prof is an idiot and cannot string together sentences that are easily understandable by university students. It’s one thing to translate part of the topic into everyday English, it’s another to be able to translate the entire topic into everyday English for easy understanding. Oh, I’ve also noticed that people in organic chemistry are still posting on the discussion boards. The final was on December 10th and there’s a thread going on about ‘exam weighting’ and ‘What did you think about the final?’ that each have over 200 posts, and counting. It’s a little odd. Do my fellow sufferers of organic chemistry have nothing better to do than to post and whine about the final exam and what they think would be a fair weight for the final in comparison to the two midterms? Obviously not.

On the other hand, someone posted on the discussion board for my invertebrates biology class that I’m taking next term (the one that I’m really looking forward to! Crustaceans, insects, worms, the whole nine yards!) about how they’re really looking forward to the class. I replied with a very enthusiastic “Me too!”. Have I mentioned lately how much of a dork I am? Then again, I’m the girl who used her organic chem model set to fashion a bracelet for a day or two before. Ugh. Note to self, stop making myself seem like a complete geek online. Not that it can be helped.

I finished a scarf for my mom’s Christmas present… In a colour that she likes, if you noticed some of my tweets tonight. I started one scarf but she noticed it and commented on how she wasn’t a fan of the colours (tear), so I started a new scarf in a more open pattern (so it was finished faster, but it was still nice looking!) and finished that tonight. I’ll finish the other one some other time, it went back into my closet for now. I even added a fringe to it. And now I know what my sister bitches whenever she decides that a fringe would look nice on something. Why? Because they’re a PITA to do, that’s why!

Anyways… Oodles of photos to be taken tomorrow, plus lots of studying and reviewing before my final on Monday (7pm, whoot… I hate evening finals. You have the entire day to go ‘zomg, what does _______ mean?! and hopefully find out what it means.). Hope everyone had a fabulous and stress-free Saturday!

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  1. OH MY GOSH WORMS AND INSECTS YAY! You are a dork hahaha but we love you!! Sounds like you were quite the studious little, um, student today! Good job! I don’t know if I could have resisted all that awesome temptation!

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