Thrifting, couponing and dolly meet

I’ve gotten over the shock of having short hair now (amazing what a week does!) and I have gotten used to it to seeing it short. It still feels weird because I keep reaching for hair that’s just not there anymore, guess I’m just used to having long, long hair! But it’s a nice change […]

A little of everything

I went shopping yesterday with some friends from high school (J, B, A and S). We walked around a lot and our first stop (after the train ride) was to my utmost favourite fabric and notions shop. It’s a great place, they¬† have a lot of basement bargain pricing for a lot of their things […]

The game of Guess the Price

I had initially planned to go to the craft store for other sale items – but nothing ‘spoke’ to me, and then my sister pointed out bins of small strands of beads marked for clearance at $0.25 each! So I picked out a few. 2 strands of beads of 2 beads each (yeah, super small […]