I had initially planned to go to the craft store for other sale items – but nothing ‘spoke’ to me, and then my sister pointed out bins of small strands of beads marked for clearance at $0.25 each! So I picked out a few.

2 strands of beads of 2 beads each (yeah, super small strands, lol) – glass.

6 strands of beads (top 4 strands have 4 beads each, all glass, bottom 2 strands have 8 beads each, all glass).

Now then, the game is this: How much do you think the strands of beads were initially priced at if I bought them on clearance at $0.25/strand? Keep in mind that all of the beads are glass and that I live in Canada, so prices were in Canadian dollars.

Price for large rectangular milky glass beads?
Price for the strands of 4 beads (blue and green)?
Price for the strands of 8 beads?

Closest guess gets the knowledge that they accurate guessed the original retail value of the bead strands! (I still need to look up the laws and such on doing giveaways on blogs, heh.)

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