I want sunshine!

It’s been busy in my world lately, what with a midterm (Wednesday), working on a few new patterns for Chelle-Chelle.com (and I’m working on opening up a pattern store!), life in general. So it’s felt busy, at least to me! It’s still winter and the weather’s been utter crap. There was snow. And then there […]

Better late than never!

The dentist loves me. Mostly because I go so darn often. Heh, not as often as my sister though! I went today for my regular cleaning. My dentist poked around at the spots where I got my wisdom teeth extracted (by him) and my mouth is sore in the back right now because of it. […]

Productive days

So today… I cleaned my room, cooked, cleaned part of the house (yay for the vacuum cleaner…) and checked for my grades (again!). I’ve only gotten 2 of 4 of my grades in so far. I’m still waiting on math (the big nailbiter) and my plants biology class. I also got the grade for my […]