NCLEX stress

Since last summer, I’ve owned NCLEX study materials. I bought a few books off of Amazon and then they sat on my shelf for the better part of the summer. And then all through term 5. And, if I’m being honest, they moved with me for my first term 6 practicum and sat on a […]

School is out for the summer!

For 16 days at least, as I start up again on August 18th. No rest for the wicked! I had my last summer course final today. Not entirely sure how I did, and frankly at this point (going straight from January until today), I don’t care as much as I probably should. That said, I […]

One Down, Two to Go!

I wrote a final this morning, which was called a ‘quiz’ by the esteemed teaching staff for my course. I may have rolled my eyes more than once when they first announced that the course had 2 quizzes, and three papers, where the quizzes are each worth 35% of our final grade. In what world […]