I wrote a final this morning, which was called a ‘quiz’ by the esteemed teaching staff for my course. I may have rolled my eyes more than once when they first announced that the course had 2 quizzes, and three papers, where the quizzes are each worth 35% of our final grade. In what world is a quiz worth 35%? In what world do two quizzes make up 70% of a final grade? But I digress. Because that class is done! And I couldn’t be more excited!

I have 2 binders worth of material for one summer course. #nursingspecialty

Which leaves me with two classes, which I actually dislike more than my specialty course (High Acuity):

See, I can appreciate, and I understand, the importance of both of those above courses. They’re just dull as all get out with the mountains of reading each week for both classes. I may be behind on my reading… by a lot. But now that I’m no longer studying/cramming for high acuity, I can focus on those courses. Right? Right!

In other news, I’ve been tired of this theme for a long time. Long time. But, because of my sporadic posting, I haven’t gotten the motivation to change it up. But now that I’m seeing it more often, it’s kind of motivating me to change things up a bit! My goal is to post at least once a week, because what use is a blog about my life if I don’t post about it? So expect that! I’ve also considered combining Imaginary Sunshine with one of my other websites, Chelle-Chelle.com, and just making it one big smorgasbord of posts. But I might not, because I still love both domain names. The only thing is that it takes effort to keep them updated (and we all know how much effort I’d put in so far this year…), but I will see how I feel about it. I think what they both just need is a little facelift to become a little bit more energized!

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