The end of a chapter; the beginning of the next.

So today I got all of my grades in for the term (the one I was waiting on was one of my harder classes this term – Animal Ethics where the last 45% of my grade was based on a term paper and web-based presentation). I ended off with: Animal Ethics – A- Health Psychology […]

Guess what I’m good at!

One of the components of my online/distance education class, Human Sexuality, was to participate in an assigned group blog. Near the end of the term, we were asked to nominate 5 people (out of ~35). Yours truly was apparently nominated quite a few times, and I got sent an email from the professor with some […]

Studying and pausing to reflect

Do I get some kind of award for being a horribly inactive blogger? Although I’m sure there are other people much worse at updating than I am… I hope so, anyways! It’s April! Which means that it is spring time and that also means finals season. I handed in my term project (website + paper) […]