One of the components of my online/distance education class, Human Sexuality, was to participate in an assigned group blog. Near the end of the term, we were asked to nominate 5 people (out of ~35). Yours truly was apparently nominated quite a few times, and I got sent an email from the professor with some selected comments from my fellow blog group members.

Apparently I’m good at blogging about sex. Who would have thought?

Michelle has been a HUGE contributor to the Blog from the very beginning. She has countless comments and asks good questions. She includes personal stories in her responses and her posts. She definitely has the most Blog posts out of the group and she nearly commented on all of my personal blog posts. I think Michelle has surpassed the other bloggers by far in her blogging commitment. She was an integral part to Group Blog 1.

I think she did a good job just based on her number of posts. They were numerous posts of high quality ranging from a variety of topics from BDSM, sexual pills, and politics regarding sex. Her posts included funny videos, cartoons, and articles. I found her topics interesting and funny to look at.

Michelle has been one of the best bloggers in my opinion. She has made posts several times a week, and the quality of each post is superb – her writing style is very engaging and her topics include everything from her life experiences, media, and articles she has read. She is also a frequent commenter.
Michelle posted, I believe, the most out of everyone. I believe she put the most effort into this component of the course. Not only did she post relative issues, she also gave her personal experiences to most postings, which takes a lot of guts. She also commented on almost every post, and that being said, always commented on my posts. It is refreshing for someone to trust complete strangers and give their own personal insight, which is exactly what Michelle did.

Michelle of course was the most prolific of bloggers and would definitely get my vote as top blogger. She brought up many interesting issues and seemed uninhibited to discuss any issue that were brought up. While she had very liberal viewpoints she also was not opinionated in a way where she tried to convince you of her views. Through her blogging you could tell she had very strong self esteem and seemed confident in her sexuality. I enjoyed that she was actively aware of the issues being raised by the Republican debate and saw the absurdity of it all. I always enjoyed reading her posts and responses to other posts.

Michelle is my first pick. She posted without fail every few days. Her posts were always thoughtful and topics interesting. Its clear that she leads an interesting life (she often brings up every day life) and she is a skilled writer. I really enjoyed reading her posts, they were always worthwhile. She always mixed it up with links to different articles, photos, videos, surveys… you name it, tons of variety. She also pretty much always made comments on my posts, as well as other student’s posts. It was clear to me that Michelle was really into the blogging thing, and she did a really good job of keeping the blog moving and really contributed hugely to its progress. It would have been impossible for anyone to compete with her!

There were quite a few other comments as well, mostly about the number of posts I did (35) or the number of comments or just about how much I freaking blogged. See, while I wasn’t blogging here I was blogging somewhere else. FOR GRADES.

Three more days until final marks come out!

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